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Youth Skills Center has a lot to offer for your preschool and day care needs. To find out about our programs, call us today.

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Youth Skills Center serves the community to enrich children with social, physical and interpersonal skills that are required to excel in daily and academic life.


To enrich academic skills, and empower children with physical and interpersonal skills for a better today and tomorrow!


To make learning fun and enjoyable using a hands-on learning system and extracurricular physical activities. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand at YSC!

Our Timeline

  • February 2010

    We opened our doors!

    After years of development and preparation, we opened up Youth Skills Center to the public.

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  • April 2011

    Technology-Enhancement with SMARTBoard™

    We took the first step into preparing the children of today for the 21st century work with our site-wide technology enhancement. We purchased and installed an innovative electronic white-board solution, SMARTBoard™, in our preschool classroom.

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  • February 2012

    Playground Renovation

    When we opened our doors, we had very few pieces of equipment in the playground, set atop real grass. In 2012, we renovated the entire playground area with new artificial grass (safer, cleaner, and easier to maintain), a brand-new swing set, and more exciting, age-appropriate equipment.

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Our Objectives

The idea behind Youth Skills Center is simple: to provide a safe, secure, sanitary, and enjoyable learning environment for the youth of our community. The objectives go a little beyond that, though. Our objectives are:

  • To keep your child physically active.
  • To keep your child educationally advanced.
  • To keep your child socially fit.
  • To keep your child mentally strong.

But most of all, we, at YSC, make every effort to put a smile on your child's face.

A fresh approach to learning.

Youth Skills Center is a new Early Childhood Development Center located in Jurupa Valley, CA. We are a small, family-owned center with programs for children ages 2 - 14. We have a passion for teaching and believe children learn best in a comfortable, friendly environment.

With a focus on technology, we make it a point to prepare your child for the world of tomorrow. At YSC, every program is of the highest quality without compromise in affordability.

At YSC, we believe that learning isn't limited to the classroom. The learning experience at YSC extends beyond the four walls of the classroom, and our teachers seize every opportunity to enlighten and inspire the brilliant young minds.

We offer many different programs to meet your specific needs. Our welcoming and dedicated staff is always there to help you, so don't hesitate to contact us and speak your mind.

We offer different programs throughout the year, such as

  • Year-round standards-based preschool.
  • School-age care with transportation to and from school.
  • Summer-time swimming classes for all ages.
  • Kindergarten — 3rd Grade Technologically-Enhanced Charter School Program

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